• Liquid He and nitrogen facilities, Superconducting magnets, low temperature cryostats,He refrigerants.

  • X-ray diffractometer, X-ray generators, precession and Lang cameras.

  • Laser Raman spectrometer, photon correlator, Ar-ion, Kr-ion, He-Ne, Nd-YAG lasers. Fourier transform photoluminescence spectrometer.

  • Differential scanning calorimeter and thermal expansion apparatus.

  • Clean room for semiconductor processing, DLTS, diffusion, oxidation, photolithography e-beam evaporation facilities.

  • High pressure facility (Diamond anvil cell for Raman studies upto 50 GPa).

  • Crystal growth apparatus, dielectric bridge and liquid phase epitaxy, optical microscopy.

  • EPR & pulsed NQR spectrometers.

  • Variable temperature scanning probe microscopy.

  • High precision electrical noise measurement set-up.

  • Computers, workstations and PC's.

  • Mechanical and glass blowing workshop.

  • RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering




Events / Seminars